A Look Back at 2022

2022 Desi Is Me Wrapped 

We introduced a jewelry line and launched 3 new lehenga collections.

We worked on our first bridesmaid order, and then a second!

We spoke alongside some trailblazing #desi creators and entrepreneurs, Ami Desai, Megha Rao and Chhavi Verg for Project Stree IWD.

And we got invited to speak at UC Berkeley The Future is Nova and SCU AKpsi.

Showcased Desi Is Me at our first shows this year: DDN Legends, Jhoomti Shaam, and Sankara Eye Foundation SEF Dandiya and had the opportunity to meet so many of you!

We couldn’t have done it without YOU! Wishing you the happiest of New Years.

Love, Desi Is Me Team

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