About Us

When we hear about Indian outfits, it always evokes this image of heavy embroidery and out-of-this-world thread work. While such embellishments are gorgeous, a simple party wear lehenga is perfect for those small but special occasions you’ll remember forever whether that’s a family Diwali party, dandiya dance event, or a “desi” themed birthday celebration. Desi Is Me strives to provide simple and elegant silhouettes for the modern desi girl.

Empowering Artists

All of our garments are made by local artisans in Lucknow, India. They are the talented and gifted artisans and storytellers that have a major impact on modern design, fabrics, and fashion at large. Our goal is to encourage these individuals to design, create, and continue being inspired by the world around them. By recognizing and empowering them through constant support and economic independence, we hope to have a positive socio-economic impact.