What’s Your Zodiac Lehenga? Find Out Here!

Each person is unique in their own way! Our environment, friends, morals, and more make us who we are. But, it is always fun to find what characteristics we have that are similar to people like us, especially zodiac signs. Here are the lehengas we would give you based on your zodiac sign. 


Aries: We would give you Dilbar because the red brings out the passion and fire in you. All eyes are on you when you enter a room and a bright red is just the way to make sure that happens. 

Taurus: We give you Inez to bring out the nature and growth in you. You tend to find comfort in rich and harmonious things and this beautiful green does just that.

Leo: We give you Sona because you guys are royalty. Your warm heart and strength are seen by everyone around you and this beautiful gold lehenga will show the world your heart of gold. 

Libra: We give you Sabina because its pastel pink shows your soft and kind side. It also shows your sweet and loving nature. 

Scorpio: We give you the Little Black Lehenga, our very first release. The black represents the depth and strength that you guys have and shows your transformation throughout life. 

Sagittarius: We give you Nuria to show your positive nature and openness. You are always aware and kind to the people around you and this gorgeous pastel purple shows that to the world. 

Aquarius: We give you Aakash so the blue can balance your amazing energy. It represents the flow of ideas and experimentation.

Cancer: We give you Maia because the white represents your clean mind and slate. It increases your sensitivity and understanding of the people around you.